That time again.

View from the Balcony of my room, Antibes, France

It's a beautiful morning on the French Riviera.  As soon as this posts, I'm heading out to explore more.

Back on Sunday.  

Display Spamassassin Scores in Outlook

Most of the mail servers I work with run SpamAssassin. It's one of the most powerful and flexible systems out there. I'd probably be dead with out it.

I use Outlook as my mail client. I wanted something to extract the SpamAssassin scores and information from the headers and put that into a custom column, or at least a separate field. Various Google searches were fruitless, except for an old post from LJ user daniele

It is possible to do this with a VBA macro. It took an hour to debug and a few minutes to install on my other machines.
If you understand how to add macros to Outlook, read on:

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Totally Still Alive

Yes, I do exist, just never here.  I guess I have a problem with disclosing whatever it is I do.

Things I am doing:
  • Playing video games
  • Lightly petting my shiny and nifty laptop tablet.  I'll be the coolest kid in school
  • Wrapping up a six-month saga to get a new working desktop in the house.  This is motherboard #2 and memory batch #3
  • Starting up another eight-week improv class tonight
Things I am not doing, but I probably should:
  • "Clean" the house
  • Play Wii Fit on a consistent basis.  (But there's a good explanation why, and it involves silicone).
  • Working on convention projects
I can elaborate on lots, but it's one of those things where laziness or busyness takes over.


Hi all,

I'm looking for a laptop for personal work.

Specifically, something I can bringing to conventions and trips without worrying about "work data".

Also, something that I can use in the house or on the road for coding or presenting or watching movies.  Probably not for high-speed gaming or massive disk space, though.

Maybe one of those cool tablets that swivel around like a regular laptop.

Any ideas?   At least, any ideas on brands?

Edit: looking at one of the Lenovo Thinkpads with the fancy Swivel:
Intel Core 2 Duo L7500 LV, 2GB RAM, 100 GB Hard drive, 12.1" MultiView + MultiTouch WVA XGA TFT display.  $1500.  Seems about fair.

AX? Wha?

I was invited to help out at AX this year.  This would be the first official AX I've attended since 1998, I think.
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Driving on the 101 to get home:  little traffic, no crowds, never too far away from gas or food.   Also, no official rest stops, so it is tricky to pull over for a short legal nap.   I needed naps, as the energy drinks and water didn't help at all.  Neither the laptop, nor internet radio helped.  Even the excitement of the power inverter catching fire and exploding in the car was short-lived.

The only way I stayed awake for the last 2 or 3 hours was a collection of the Super Smash Brothers Brawl soundtrack, cranked up to tinnitus-inducing levels.  Hooray for guitar riffs to Metroid songs.  Thank you for making me not crash my car.

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Original weight (as measured in game): 265.2.
Previous weight (as measured in game): 262.8.
Current weight (as measured in game): 259.8
Net, -3.0 in 2 weeks.

I know I haven't posted an update.  My sessions have been a little more infrequent.  This is mostly based on my schedule and that darn GTA game.  Still, I'm a bit surprised at the results, so I'll keep treading onwards.

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Wii Fit, week 2

Original weight (as measured in game): 265.2.
Current weight (as measured in game): 262.8.
Net, -2.4 in 2 weeks.

That's pretty good.

Four things I've noticed:
  • The system isn't perfect.  It tried to give me credit for losing 19.2 pounds in one day, which triggered the goal stuff.  It should've been a regular change, but it measured badly.
  • Weight varies a lot from day to day.  For some reason, I'm usually plus or minus a pound a day, depending on whether I've eaten dinner or had something to drink.
  • My bathroom scale is way inaccurate.
  • I'm not on a "diet" per se.  I've not played this game of "I can't have this." or "Doing this is going to be bad." If I am hungry, I get something to eat.  If I'm a little hungry, I'll take a small snack.  Even so, I've lost the desire to pig out or eat fast food or stuff I did before.  I have no idea why.. 
Everyone tells me that it would be better to exercise in the morning along with breakfast.
Except I'm not a morning person.  At all.   So, I'm debating whether it's worth the heartache.

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Wii Fit, week 1.

So, I got the game last Wednesday, took a few days off, and started playing "for real" last Monday.

Things I've learned:
  • Free Step is one of the simplest games, but one of the ones I'll probably stick to in the long run.  It's little more than "walking in place", but I can watch TV while it's going on.  This is much more interesting that watching Tamilee or something
  • Plank hurts!  I guess I have no core muscles
  • My Wii Fit age bounces between 20 and 39, depending on how I do on the agility games.
  • I stand with my feet pointed out at a diagonal.  I forget if that's bad or not.
  • I sweat out about 2 pounds of water per 40 minute session.  More precisely, I can have the game measure myself before exercise and after exercise and see a dramatic jump.
Okay, real results:
  • Net loss of about 1 pound.  I can post my specific weight and BMI if anyone cares.  But I'd be happy with a pound a week.
  • Even if I dread the thought of having to stop what I'm doing and exercise for 30-60 minutes, I still do it.  I don't know why; I've quit out on many other exercise plans when it became inconvenient.
  • I'm not yet bored at it.  I suppose that if I'm going to play this every day for the next several months, it needs to remain interesting.  I don't know why this game has given me the motivation to continue, or how the game design is supposed to make it engaging.  All I know is that I'm expecting to press on for a while more.
  • I'm getting tired more of the time.  I think my body is still not used to this whole "exercise" thing.