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28 December
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Since I don't have a clear identity, I'll just give a list.

Anyway, here's a stab:
* My paying job is Technical Support at a software company in California.
* I'm also Co-Chair of FanimeCon, an anime convention in San Jose, CA.
* I do a game show at FanimeCon, along with other roles there.
* I am retired from FanimeCon after a good tenure.
* I also work in the sound/video team of my church.
* I have a moderate interest in strategy games (GTA, Civilization, GalCiv) and other games (FFXI)
* I spend time tinkering with software, systems, and computers although there are plenty who know more than I do.
* I occasionally do strange things on an impulse (cf. Arizona)
* I collect kitschy things.
* I am into math, and other sciency stuff, like particle physics, rocks, and interest.
* I was on a game show once.